If how I am
Is not how you want me to be
Forgive me
I cannot please everybody

I am my own person
Please respect me
Please allow me
To show you who I am

I am weak
I have my defects
Yet don’t reject me
I am here to do my best.

Forgive me
I am lacking
I will try harder
Forgive me.


(c. 2015)


Remember Me, Friend

We used
To have
So much in common

We enjoyed our time together

And now
Like a stranger
You do not know

You refuse to have anything to do with me

Don’t you know
I treasure
Those moments

We had together

And I
Still keep
Those tokens

That you gave me years ago?

Too bad
Keep us apart

Now you don’t wish to ever see me.

I’m sorry
It’s so
Different now

We follow different paths.

Forgive me…
I’ll pray
For you

Just remember me,  friend